Computer Services

I offer a complete line-up of computer repair services!

Set Up — Setting up a computer system can get complicated!  Let me set up your new system for you! 


Maintenance — Continuous system updates and security patches complicate computer optimization.  I have a step by step process to bring you computer back to life.  See my $85.00 Maintenance Special for more details!


Upgrades — Add Memory, Hard Drives, CD/DVD RW, Video and Sound cards, Wireless devices, TV, Video Capture, Operating System and Program Software, Plus Much More!


Repair — Computer problems due to the failure of individual hardware components can render your computer inoperable.  Many of these components can be repaired or replaced.  Firmware and Driver updates can also solve problems.  Do not consider replacing your system until you have it professionally diagnosed!


Software & Updates - I can install any new software that you need.  I can update existing software to keep you up to date.


Virus Removal I am able to remove virus infections from your computer.  I can install Top Rated Software and configure it to keep your system problem free.  Because I consider virus software a must for any computer, virus software is included with my computer tune up special! 


Spyware & Malware Removal— If you are having problems with high-jacked programs or annoying pop-ups then let me remove them for you.  I can install Highly rated spyware software that will keep unneeded junk programs off of your computer. This service is also included with my tune up special!


Printing & Scanning Printer installations can become difficult.  Let me simplify this process for you.  I can update drivers and fix system compatibility problems.  Printing devices can be shared through simple computer networks.


Wired & Wireless Networking & Internet— Connecting two or more computers or devices together and then to the Internet will add convenience to your life.  Automatic Updates, File and Printer sharing, Remote Access and Automated Backup are just a few of the benefits.  High speed internet options are light years ahead of dial-up.  Time for you to upgrade?  I can help you decide what is best for you!


Video Conversion If you have been wondering what to do with all of your old 8mm or Hi-8 home videos, let me convert them to digital DVD.  Digital videos will play on your computer or DVD player.

Data Backup— The most overlooked and most important part of being a computer owner!  Back up your important files regularly!  I offer simple solutions for you to back up your data.  Automated data backup to a network computer, file, media server, flash drive or USB Hard drive are a few simple options I recommend and can set up for you!


Data Retrieval— Accidently deleted files can be recovered successfully!  Even if you empty your recycle bin, files can be recovered until they are overwritten.  It is very important to attempt recovery as soon as you know something is missing.  Hard Drive Failure on the other hand is the leading cause of data loss.  A drive that begins to have any noticeable problem or noise should be addressed immediately.  Again, I can not stress the importance of data backup!


Media & File Servers - I can set up media & file servers to share files, Video, Photos and music through simple computer networking.  Stream your favorite media directly to your television.


Video Game Systems - I can set up your new game system.  Modern internet ready game systems provide live online play and can be easily added to your network.


E-Mail & Web Services— Need help setting up or configuring your E-Mail?  I have several E-mail Solutions! I can help you organize and set up your internet browser and give you the basic steps to navigate the world wide web.